Top 7 alternatives to the Google Pixel 6a

The newest phone from Android HQ, the Google Pixel 6a, had plenty of features to recommend it but it just didn’t blow us away. In fact, battery life was bad enough that we’d hold off recommending this phone, and might even steer you towards an older model instead. If you were thinking about buying the Pixel 6a but want to study the alternatives first, here are some phones you will want to consider.

Before you even turn it on, the Google Pixel 6a is a looker. Google has come up with some very unique colorways that you won’t see on other smartphones, and the back design won’t be mistaken for any old Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. If you want a phone that stands out for its unique look, you might get on the queue for a Nothing Phone 1. The transparent back is functional, with a glowing alert, as well as stylish. Too bad it’s hard to buy.
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0:00 Pixel 6a Alternatives
0:29 Nothing Phone 1
1:03 OnePlus Nord N20
1:38 Samsung Galaxy A53
2:00 Samsung Galaxy S22
2:25 iPhone 13 Mini
2:55 Motorola Edge
3:35 Pixel 6

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