The Framework Laptop Is Now Fully Upgradable!

It’s finally here. Framework has delivered on their promise to produce an upgradable laptop with the introduction of a new mainboard with intel’s latest 12th generation core processors.

What’s more, we’re being treated to a new lid with increased rigidity. Today, we’re going to run through the process of upgrading the mainboard to see if Framework managed to pull off their vision for a fully repairable and upgradeable laptop.

Check out the Framework Laptop Teardown

Our Pro Tech Toolkit is a pro at disassembly

00:00 Intro
00:33 Port Removal
00:37 Remove Screws and keyboard
00:48 Cable disconnecting from Mainboard
01:04 RAM and SSD Removal
01:13 Mainboard Removal
01:49 Display Bezel Replacement
02:39 Installing 12th Gen Mainboard
02:46 SSD and RAM installation
02:49 Cable reconnecting
03:03 Keyboard and Ports Installation

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