Tesla’s NEW 4680 Battery Destroys Solid State Battery Competition

At Tech Future we discuss Tech News, Tesla News, Elon Musk’s ambitious futuristic projects, and all the other tech that will lead humanity towards a great future. We do talk more news about Elon musk in our tech channel because of his humanitarian vision and amazing work with Tesla’s Cybertruck, Camper, EVs, Spacex, space x’s starship, Starlink, The Boring Company, neuralink and much more.

Elon Musk is the Founder of SpaceX and CEO and product architect of Tesla Inc. Tesla Was founded in 2003. The founders of the company saw the higher fuel efficiency of battery-electric cars as an opportunity to break the usual correlation with high performance and low fuel economy, they decided to create the company. Elon musk joined them as a VC and then took an active role within the company and oversaw Roadster product design at a detailed level. From the beginning, Elon Musk consistently maintained that Tesla’s long-term strategic goal was to create affordable mass-market electric vehicles “EVs”. Tesla ad Elon musk surprised people with their best EV inventions like tesla autopilot, tesla coil, tesla’s upcoming tabless 4680 battery that was a straight answer to Toyota’s solid-state battery, tesla’s nano and million-mile battery technology, and their upcoming tesla bot “tesla robot”. Considering all that they even surprised people with the car models like tesla roadster, tesla model s, tesla model 3, tesla model x, tesla model y, tesla’s cybertruck, and Elon Musk’s very favorite tesla’s semi truck. Including Elon Musk’s futuristic battery technologies and other technologies these car models tesla roadster, tesla model s, tesla model 3, tesla model x, tesla model y, tesla’s cybertruck and elon musk’s very favourite tesla’s semi truck did great in the EV market. That increased Tesla’s stock price so high that it became 2nd fastest company in history to reach $1 Trillion in market cap making Elon Musk the Richest man in the history of mankind.
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iPhone Storage Full Alert – What To Do Now?

Your phone sends an alert which states: iPhone storage space full. What does that indicate? And what can you do regarding it?

The Amazing Value For Money Features in Samsung Galaxy S2

After the runaway success of the Samsung Galaxy S1, the Oriental smart device manufacturer has actually duplicated its success with Samsung Galaxy S2. The company has maintained a lower price for Samsung Galaxy S2 to have a competitive advantage over other phones of various other brand names in the very same group. This makes the Samsung Galaxy S2 also a lot more attractive in this niche.

Choose The Best Phone From Comparison Of Mobile Price List In India

Prior to acquiring any kind of cellphone, it would serve to do a simple comparison of the mobile cost list in India. This will assist you get a much better photo of what to expect from various mobile brand names. By contrasting the mobile catalog in India, you likewise get to see which phones are really worth the cash for the features that they supply. This will give you a fair photo of the budget mobile classification in India.

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If the video gaming performance of your phone is not like you would like it to be, review the pointers given up this brief overview to optimizing your Android mobile phone. These easy steps will allow you get hours of pc gaming without worrying regarding lags.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Dual-SIM Phones

Maybe you travel commonly and also you wish to address your cell without bothering with paying crazy worldwide charges on your initial data plan. Whatever the instance, if you have found the demand to have two lines yet you don’t intend to keep track of 2 phones (or you do not desire to pay for an additional phone), buying a phone that can bring two SIM cards may be something to consider. Below are the advantages as well as drawbacks to having a dual-SIM cell.

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There is a growing market for previously owned mobiles and you ought to not neglect it, when you are out buying a tool. Even with a barrage of never ever finishing new smart device launches, this section is leaving its mark on the cost-conscious purchasers.

3 Tips For Free Lifeline Cell Phone Service

Is your head spinning from all of the complimentary lifeline cellular phone solution choices? Also worse, have you struggled to find among those cost-free lifeline cellular phone service tents in your location? Well you’re in good luck. This write-up will certainly offer you three quick ideas for obtaining a complimentary government cellular phone without browsing your entire city or leaving your residence (if you own a computer system or cell phone). Appreciate this short yet interesting read.

Modern Mobile Devices and Their Security Risks

As interaction has been made easier with the introduction of modern mobile phones, so are the security risks connected to smart phones boosting. This short article analyses just how the modern-day mobile phones expos us to even more protection risks.

The Ongoing War Between Android and iPhone Users

8 years ago, Apple introduced the apple iphone that altered the way people utilize as well as see cellphones. The age of mobile phones had actually begun and Apple had the first moving company benefit. Nevertheless, their item was closely adhered to by Google who generated Android, the ‘complimentary’ OS that enabled customers to design, code and also write any sort of application that they want as well as offered many other features which were absent in iphone.

From Bricks to Brains – Evolution of the Mobile Phone

Cellphone have changed the means we live. We can access nearly anything on mobile, we can deposit checks, approve charge card, order food and spend for groceries and even secure our home door. Several of these jobs have actually ended up being easier due to the fact that of the presence of this brand-new innovation.

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With the quickly expanding smart device market, acquiring a new mobile is ending up being more confusing than ever. It’s essential to discover a couple of tips before purchasing a brand-new device.

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There is no lack of mobile handsets readily available out there from some of the luxury brand names. With numerous options readily available, picking the perfect mobile that matches our requirements is fairly difficult.

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