samsung galaxy fold unboxing

Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing

Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I’ve ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the …

this was best phone from xiaomi in india

This was Best Phone From Xiaomi in India !

As we know smartphone market in 2022 is changed as compared to recent smartphones market. Recently I bought Redmi k20 pro …

this 5g mobile phone is all rounder real reasons

This 5G Mobile Phone is All-Rounder * Real Reasons *

is video mein mene ek aise smartphone ki baat ki hai jo ki ek all rounder phone hai 5g phone hai aur under 30000 mein aata hai.

cheap phone reviews 8 the servo k07 pen phone an all in one phone in a pen unboxing review


I made a sequel to this…the PEN PHONE V2: These things have been doing rounds on Wish, …

cheap phone reviews 1 the newmind f16 car phone thing unboxing review

CHEAP PHONE REVIEWS 1: The Newmind F16 Car Phone Thing | Unboxing & Review!

First of my Cheap Phone Reviews filmed back in 2017. It’s of terrible quality and I don’t like it but it’s here for archiving purposes.

cheap phone reviews 5 the 33 timmy m9 smartphone with a rotating camera unboxing review

CHEAP PHONE REVIEWS 5: The $33 TIMMY M9 Smartphone with a Rotating Camera! Unboxing & Review

Another part of my Cheap Phone Reviews series back in my early days of my channel. It’s old and crap but I am starting to get my …

this 15999 new 5g phone is different lets test

This ₹15999 New 5G Phone is Different * Lets Test *

is video mein mene oppo ke new 5g phone oppo k10 5g ki unboxing ki aur apna first impressions dia hai phone kaisa hai , iska …

the samsung s22 ultra is secretly amazing

The Samsung S22 Ultra is secretly AMAZING.

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, including a quick Camera Test, specs, features, price and more. Battery Test and …

the 200 000 smartphone unboxing

The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀

You’ll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 – Samsung Galaxy unboxings, iPhone 13 / 12s unboxings etc, but none will …

redmi note 10 pro in 2022 incredible value

Redmi Note 10 Pro in 2022: Incredible Value!

Redmi Note 10 Pro was launched last year but it still offers incredible value for money. Today in this video let us talk about Redmi …