Samsung Z Flip and Fold 4 Teardowns: Do Cheaper Repairs Mean More Repairable Phones?

Surprisingly, we’re on the fourth generation of Galaxy Foldables, unsurprisingly they are far from mainstream. This year, however, Samsung is steeply discounting repairs so our interest is piqued. If Samsung is confident enough to drop the screen repair price to $29—with insurance—could the Fold and Flip 4 really be as repairable as non-foldables?
Before we get started, iFixit has teamed up with Samsung to sell parts and tools, but our Teardowns happen independently and without their involvement.

Thanks to Creative Electron for providing us with amazing X Rays, check them out at

Check out our Teardown of the 3rd Generation Flip and Fold!

You can disassemble your Z Flip or Fold with one of our cheapest toolkits! The Essential Electronics toolkit!

00:00 Intro
00:33 Putting them in Dust
00:47 Opening Phones
01:01 Signs of Dust0
01:08 Board Removal
01:15 Battery Removal
01:31 Display Removal
01:56 Bendable Glass Discussion
02:32 Sand Planet Featuring Mike
03:03 X-rays From Creative Electron!
03:18 Conclusion

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