Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Display Replacement!

If your Galaxy S20 Ultra’s screen is cracked, or starting to turn green, replacing it yourself is an option and we can show you how! This video will guide you through replacing the display on your Galaxy S20 Ultra!

Be sure to follow the guide over on!

We have a video that shows you how to re-apply adhesive on your display, and when closing your phone

Use our Pro Tech Toolkit during this repair!

If your battery is swollen do not attempt this repair before reading our guide!

Be sure to apply tape over your cracked screen!

00:00 Intro
00:10 Required Tools
00:44 Tips and Warnings
01:00 Removing Back Cover
02:42 Removing Wireless Charging Coil
02:54 Removing Motherboard Bracket
03:12 Disconnecting Battery and Removing Loudspeaker Bracket
03:36 Display Connector
03:40 Display Warning and Removal
05:51 Cleaning Phone and Applying New Adhesive
06:07 Testing New Display
06:24 Installing New Display
06:45 Connecting Display and Installing Loudspeaker Bracket
07:00 Connecting Battery and Installing Motherboad Bracket
07:16 Installing Wireless Charging Coil
07:26 Closing Phone

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