iPad Mini Teardown: Here’s Why it Jelly Scrolls

The iPad Mini has finally gotten an update to match Apple’s latest iPad and iPhone design! iPads are usually about as awful as they come in repair terms, but that doesn’t mean we could resist taking the cute little thing apart. We’re always hoping the iPad team at Apple will start to take design notes from the iPhone team-maybe they finally have.

Blur Busters scan-out skew test: http://www.testufo.com/scanskew#direction=vert
Blur Busters Understanding Display Scanout Lag: Understanding Display Scan-Out Lag With High Speed Video | Blur Busters

00:00 Intro
00:23 Removing Display
00:50 Jelly Scrolling Explained
03:10 Removing Battery
03:56 Removing Speakers
04:38 Camera specs
04:53 Logic Board Overview
05:28 USB-C Port Removal
05:37 Overall Review and Score

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