How Manufacturers Can Fix Joystick Drift – Permanently!

Joystick drift has become the bane of gamers across every single platform. Whether you’ve got an original JoyCon for the Nintendo Switch or spent a couple of hundred bucks on the Thumb Master Elite 3000 for your PS5, the end result seems to be the same, over time these controllers will wear out and begin to drift. But maybe they don’t have to!

Check out our deep dive into PS5 Controller Drift

and watch us fix our drifting Nintendo Switch Joycon’s

00:00 Introduction to Joystick Drift
00:21 Why Joysticks Drift
00:55 What Does Joystick Drift Look Like?
00:12 Potentiometers and Why They Cause Drift
2:25 What’s the Solution to Drift?
2:23 What is the Hall Effect and How Does it Solve Drift?
2:55 The Gullikit King Kong Pro Disassembly
3:39 Inside the Guillikit’s Hall Sensors
4:19 Magnets! How Do They Work?
5:16 What Does All This Mean?

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