GAME OVER! Tesla’s INSANE Gigapress in Action 🔥🔥🔥

GAME OVER! Tesla’s INSANE Gigapress in Action 🔥🔥🔥

At Tech Future we discuss Tech News, Tesla News, Elon Musk’s ambitious futuristic projects, and all the other tech that will lead humanity towards a great future. We do talk more news about Elon musk in our tech channel because of his humanitarian vision and amazing work with Tesla’s Cybertruck, Camper, EVs, Spacex, space x’s starship, Starlink, The Boring Company, neuralink and much more.

Elon Musk is the Founder of SpaceX and CEO and product architect of Tesla Inc. Tesla Was founded in 2003. The founders of the company saw the higher fuel efficiency of battery-electric cars as an opportunity to break the usual correlation with high performance and low fuel economy, they decided to create the company. Elon musk joined them as a VC and then took an active role within the company and oversaw Roadster product design at a detailed level. From the beginning, Elon Musk consistently maintained that Tesla’s long-term strategic goal was to create affordable mass-market electric vehicles “EVs”. Tesla ad Elon musk surprised people with their best EV inventions like tesla autopilot, tesla coil, tesla’s upcoming tabless 4680 battery that was a straight answer to Toyota’s solid-state battery, tesla’s nano and million-mile battery technology, and their upcoming tesla bot “tesla robot”. Considering all that they even surprised people with the car models like tesla roadster, tesla model s, tesla model 3, tesla model x, tesla model y, tesla’s cybertruck, and Elon Musk’s very favorite tesla’s semi truck. Including Elon Musk’s futuristic battery technologies and other technologies these car models tesla roadster, tesla model s, tesla model 3, tesla model x, tesla model y, tesla’s cybertruck and elon musk’s very favourite tesla’s semi truck did great in the EV market. That increased Tesla’s stock price so high that it became 2nd fastest company in history to reach $1 Trillion in market cap making Elon Musk the Richest man in the history of mankind.
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Filthy Cell Phones and What To Do About Them

Everyone recognizes that cellular phone screens can obtain rather unclean. And it makes good sense: endless finger swipes and also thumb faucets amount to way too many germ transferring touches to count. Include handshakes, doorknobs, sneezes, as well as lift switches as well as your phone is simply the central terminal for germs to collect and also increase.

Reasons To Switch To A Prepaid Mobile Plan

Although both pre-paid as well as post-paid strategies come with both benefits and negative aspects, lots of people are selecting to obtain a pre paid strategy today. If you are currently on a post-paid plan and you’re hesitating about your decision, listed below are some of the notable reasons that you may want to take into consideration switching to a prepaid mobile plan.

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Android buyers that have had their hearts set on obtaining themselves an OnePlus3 for Christmas have had their plans tossed right into a tailspin by the reality that OnePlus went and also discontinued the version a few weeks back. What was dripped online as a rumour that there would be a greater end version of the OnePlus3 ended up being a directly substitute of what is still among the most popular, most vaunted and also a lot of wanted phones of 2016, on the Android side of the fencing at the very least. It’s tough to state what make the company in fact pull such an …

Microfiber Cell Phone Screen Cleaners Eliminate 99.7% of Germs & Bacteria

Autumn as well as winter are not the only times of the year when you must secure on your own versus exposure to germs as well as germs. Society has ended up being unbelievably knowledgeable about germs, as well as if you’re like many individuals, you possibly lug about some antibacterial cleanser for your hands to maintain them as healthy as feasible. While that’s a truly good practice to obtain in to, it’s not going to secure the points you lug with you on a daily basis.

5 Key Features to Expect in Future Smartphones

Mobile phones are the most common point currently. They are much various to the so called mobiles. As the name currently shows they are much smarter than the smart phones.

How Dirty Is Your Cell Phone?

In a current report by KFOX 14 Information in Texas, numerous cell phones and their proprietors’ hands were lab evaluated to see exactly what kind of bacteria are lurking on these gadgets that most of us utilize throughout the day, daily. The results might surprise you. When and also Where Do You Use Your Phone?

Tips to Fix Cracks on Your iPhone Screen

Do you still believe in the misconception that repairing a harmed apple iphone is difficult? Then reviewed the web content as well as make it feasible. Yes, you read it best! You can make that impossible take place by placing a little initiative as well as by spending a minimum quantity.

Reverse Number Lookup – Verify an Unidentified Caller

Today, you can locate as well as use a service for reverse number lookup to assist you inspect that is calling over the telephone. By using the Internet, you can either utilize a paid and also a complimentary lookup solution if you make a decision.

Huawei Mate 9 Review

Huawei has actually revealed the new flagship cellphone Huawei Friend 9 just recently. In this post, I will certainly inform you something regarding this new item. Let me show the specs of it first.

Has Digitization Antiquated Conventional Phone Calls?

Reasonably couple of people anticipated that the internet would obtain this change in human teamwork and also correspondence, as well as before it came to be, video-conferences on your wrist appeared to be preferred something as well futuristic as well as excessively cutting side. Presently it is irrelevant, and also it might be stated, people groups’ heads are opening up to the possible outcomes of these brand-new technologies without as much suspicion or unpredictability. To place it in a snap: the line between sci-fi as well as science truth is covering daily.

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Lots of mobile phones of various brand names often make customers perplexed which one to select from. Prior to purchasing your next mobile phone, maintain these points in mind to choose the very best one for you.

How Smartphones Make Life Easy

Smartphones have assisted transform culture by making life easier. The benefits of owning a mobile phone are endless. They make daily interaction less complex and also more effective.

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