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We are well and truly into smartphone summer silly season with software releases, beta tracks, rumour mills, and flagship phones galore all vying for our and your collective tech attention.

Android 13 is officially rolling out to Pixel 6 phones around the world. It’s a little earlier in the year than usual, but will many people notice many differences given Android 12 was such a huge visual change? The new version appears to be an iterative update to 2021’s big step into Material You and colour scheming, but there are a few important changes worth highlighting.

One such phone slated to get Android 13 later this year is the OnePlus 10T. It’s a curious phone from the company that used to outright replace its flagship phone for the year with the ‘T’ model six months later, but this time it’s something different altogether. We’ve reviewed the phone and will delve into its curious proposition.

Vivo is a Chinese brand that like OnePlus is owned by BBK Group, but has gone a different route with its latest phones the V25 and V25 Pro. They’ve caught headlines thanks to the colour-changing tech of the back panels that will surely see copycats elsewhere in the industry, and remarkably high-spec selfie cameras for the asking price. The mid-range phone market is incredibly competitive of late, and these phones are further proof of that.

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